For all you out there who are trying to manage your diabetes using the Paleo diet (I do it and it works great!), here’s an amazing bit of technology for diabetics to help manage blood sugars: it’s a contact lens that monitors blood sugar using the tears in your eyes. Google is developing this and it’s supposed to be out in about five years. The sensor in the contact lens would communicate with a hand-held device or phone app, so you could have continuous glucose management without having to constantly poke yourself to test and without having a CGM constantly attached to your arm or stomach and  I don’t think I’ve ever wanted any new technology more…THIS IS SO EXCITING! (I have to admit I might feel a little bit like Iron Man or some super-human robot wearing this, so, there you go-another incentive to be excited about this. Really, who wouldn’t want to be Iron Man?) Also, here’s a link to the article.