The Paleo Diet! … a simplified version

Think about the caveman/cavewoman diet… they ate whatever they hunted or gathered.  Yum!  They ate meats, fish, leafy greens and other vegetables, and seeds.

Eating Paleo!

For me, it is simple…  I eat the paleo diet because it enables me to accurately predict how much insulin I need when I eat to maintain tight control of my blood sugar levels.  I know paleo foods nourish my body and my body reacts positively to the foods allowed in the paleo diet.   So, after I count my carbs, I feel confident that the amount of insulin I give myself will cover what I eat and keep my blood sugar levels in check.

What is your reason for wanting to eat Paleo??  Since the time of the caveman/cavewoman, people have switched from a diet of meat, vegetables, fruits and some nuts and seeds to a high carbohydrate, toxic, and chemical-loaded diet, full of processed foods and sugar.  This diet causes inflammation and “dis – ease” (disease) in the body.  The extreme example in the movie, Supersize Me, shows Morgan Spurloch eating only McDonalds for 30 days, causing his health to plummet, weight gain, and depression. Eating the Paleo diet can help anybody to consciously avoid processed, high-carb foods and lose weight. Speaking of gaining weight, my mom went on the paleo, low carb diet with me and has been quite pleased with her weight and appearance!  She went from a size 8 to a size 4 and people are always telling her that she looks like she is 30.  Don’t tell, but she is really 44!